Weather or not!

I love the snow, somehow it seems to refresh your view of the world removing the fussiness of the street scene and focussing your eyes on the main elements. To me it is similar to photographing in black and white.  Monochrome images seem to lack distraction, and your eye is always drawn to the subject.

But that is not why I decided to write this today!  I was thinking a lot about the weather.  This morning I drove around 40 miles to a small village to photograph a lovely family who are expecting their second child.  I was nervous about the journey as I am not an experienced ‘snow’ driver.  But I checked with my client who said local roads were passable.  This got me thinking about how often the weather (which we seem to moan about so much) had actually stopped me working, stopped me taking photographs.   As a photographer who only uses available light (i.e. no flash or complex lighting rigs) the weather, or more precisely the amount of light in the sky, has quite a bearing on my shoots!   I can hand on heart say that in the last 7 years only twice have I cancelled.  Once because it was a location shoot and a huge summer storm had turned the sky to night and second was because a heavily pregnant client lived on a hill which had been closed top and bottom due to snow and I could not get to her nor her to me.   Not bad going for a country where people always moan about how bad the weather is, and as if to prove me right the sun has just come out!


About Sara Noel

Photographer, specialist in natural images using available light,
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