An image a day – my 365 challenge.

As you will probably have gathered by now I really, really love my job, my day to day involves me in photographing pregnant bumps, children of all ages from birth, families, food, models, clothes and beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes, inside and on location, I also teach people how to use their DSLR cameras on settings other than ‘auto’.

More than enough you would think to keep me busy?  However, I have been a professional photographer for 7 years now and after a while some things, like driving a car or riding a bike, don’t require conscious thought to achieve them well.   This does not mean that my clients get anything less from me, but I think I can give them more.  So, I have been racking my brain for something to push me out of my comfort zone.  And here it is… personal ‘365 challenge’ – the concept is not a new one, but definitely one that will test me!  The basic idea is to capture and share a new photograph every single day for a year, looking for the new, different, unusual and even obscure.  Sounds simple I hear you cry, but I think it might be quite tough, to keep it fresh and imaginative.  Hence my reason for going public – I need to know that I cant skip a day!

If anyone fancies joining me on this adventure I will be posting my images on here commencing on the 1st March.

Here’s to an interesting and exciting journey…..


About Sara Noel

Photographer, specialist in natural images using available light,
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1 Response to An image a day – my 365 challenge.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Really good idea! Would love to join you…I also thought about taking a photograph of myself over a period of a year or even longer to see the changes – perhaps a little too scary!

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