Hello, anyone out there?

Well its good to be back and I rejoice in the rays of sunshine currently peeking through the clouds!

Apologies for the long absence, I took a little timeout and visited sunnier shores,  then been catching up on all that stuff that just piles up when you are away, both personal and professional – not to mention the washing and the junk mail!  Depressingly it has rained every single day since our return and I have to say that has magnified the ‘post holiday blues’ by 100%!  I do however have loads of images to share, even thought I did not upload my 365 images daily.  In order not to swam the post I have decided to just to put up some to show you that I have not just been twiddling my thumbs and normal daily posting will resume tomorrow.matlacha

I know I said I was doing this just for myself and was not even sure anyone would find this interesting, but it is surprising how many people from the real (non-virtual) world have approached me in the street,  at the school gate, in the local cafe,  at parties or even in meetings to comment on the images.  You maybe a quiet bunch on-line but I am glad to know you are out there!



About Sara Noel

Photographer, specialist in natural images using available light,
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