Capturing Creative Expression

Ink and Watercolour original from Sue Rapley Art

Ink and Watercolour original from Sue Rapley Art

In order to stay fresh in your creativity, ‘they’ say it is important to continually add challenges to your daily work routines.   Never one to debunk ‘they’ I decided to add another string to my photography bow.

Living and working in Cambridge I am privileged to be surrounded by a vast range of hugely talented artist and creative professionals. One in particular is a good friend.  She suggested I use my photographic talents to capture the work of artists who always need images of their work for websites, marketing and sales material.  This was a chance I could not afford to miss and, with her help and support I have built a new and inspiring aspect to my business. is born.


Necklace from Janet Powell – Silversmith and Jeweller

Working with local artists is wonderful, I thought at first that it would not be easy to step away from the wonderful interactions I have with my clients when photographing people young and old.  Very quickly however I have discovered that each piece of work I photograph is almost as important to its creator as a member of their family would be.  I love to hear about the creative process they have been through, from the first germ of an idea,  the challenges and adventures they face working with different or new materials and then the excitement and anxiety of releasing their work into the world.

I still love photographing tiny babies, fabulous families and beautiful bodies but have found a new joy in capturing the spirit of creativity in the work of these very talented artists and creative professionals.


About Sara Noel

Photographer, specialist in natural images using available light,
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