Coming home to food

Those of you who know me, know that I love food, particularly cooking it and sharing it. To me nothing is a greater demonstration of love than a meal shared with friends around the table. A friend once described my kitchen table as a time machine ‘We sit down for lunch at 1pm and find ourselves still immersed in conversation at 2am surrounded by empty plates, glasses and candle wax’.08-Food-108

You will also know that I love my job as a professional photographer – this weekend I had the delightful privilege of sharing both of these joys with one of my heroes! Roger Stowell is a fabulously talented food photographer, who now resides with his lovely wife Jenny in France. He usually runs food photography courses from his home in the Vendee, but this month he has joined forces with his son Sam  to run a series of amazing workshops from Sam’s studio in SW18.12-Food-112



I joined them on Sunday, along with 3 other foodie photography geeks to polish up my gastro capturing skills. I was also delighted to find that Cara Hobday  would be our food stylist. Roger and Sam make a great double act and also appear to have some telepathic powers even when working on either side of the channel! Between them and Cara they packed the day with entertainment, insight and knowledge, gained with years of experience working for the likes of Waitrose, Olive Magazine, Jamie Oliver, Fortnum & Mason and Sainsbury to name but a few.

Working entirely with available light, we photographed fresh mushrooms, crispy salads, golden olive oil, eggs, creme brulee, Cara in action at the hob and so much more. Standing on ladders and even on stove tops to capture dishes looking their very best. 15-Food-115

A gorgeous lunch of Chicken and Chorizo appeared followed by outrageously stinky cheese, courtesy of the the Vendee.

We laughed, we learned, we created, we shared and we talked. I have come away from the course having honed my food photography skills, boosted my confidence and met people who I know I will see again.

Hope you like this small sample of my images from the day.06-Food-101 04-Food-105 22-Food-121 02-Food-103 03-Food-10418-Food-11717-Food-100


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17 Responses to Coming home to food

  1. Many thanks for your fab blog about the Workshop. You and our other wonderful clients made it a day to remember.

  2. Cara Hobday says:

    Sara, That was a great day wasn’t it? I found the whole day inspiring and uplifting, it was a real pleasure to meet you, and I know our paths will cross – hopefully under a tree, on a sunny day with a glass of chilled white to hand!

  3. sabine says:

    Beautiful photos of course! Especially the fried egg in the little pan is as wonderful as simple – and that´s the real art!

  4. Wish I’d been there!

  5. they’re simply gorgeous and mouthwatering…

  6. Eha says:

    An honour and a privilege to share this post. Somehow the word ‘real’ is the first to come to mind and the one to stay . . .

  7. Sarah, it was terrific to meet you at Roger’s day. Thanks for being my partner with the egg shots; I liked your egg shot the best. I love your blog, and am envious of your photographic skills. – James

  8. loretta3002 says:

    Wonderful post and amazing photography!

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