365 day twentyone

just chillinJust love the light here on my favorite tree with my favorite boy.  Sorry not much narrative at the moment as struggling with a virus!  GGGrrrr.

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365 day twenty

Today I revisited the little copse where I shot the motion images to capture the low sun glimpsing through the trees, something profoundly peaceful about this place.

peace and quiet

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365 day nineteen


I think there must be some sub-conscious message in this image….to trying to have an orderly start to the week.  You know….everything lined up and ready to go!  Love the idea but the reality did not quite pan out that way – spent the day battling with phone companies, insurers and quite a few annoying sales people.  Anyway tomorrow is another day.

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365 day eighteen

Mothers Day, had a wonderful time and was very spoilt by my lovely family.  We headed out to capture my 365 image together and came up with the idea of movement.  I have uploaded three images here to show the theme fully.  The wonderful red bundle of colour in each of the images is my son running between the trees with the camera on a long exposure.  I love this so much we are going to have another go later in the 365 challenge.  Let me know what you think.



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365 day seventeen

crooked treeThis image is of tree we pass on one of our regular walks, it amazes me that it still stands as the trunk it pretty much hollow.  The setting sun was really low here making the grass cast long shadows and giving strong silhouettes.   I really like the gradation in the blue of the sky too.

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365 day sixteen

Somewhat delayed in posting these as I have been a bit under the weather.  Posting them together is interesting as it makes them feel like a body of work rather than individual images.

This one continues the ‘Spring’ theme.  I was tenacity of naturefascinated to see that despite having been cut from the bush in October and having sat in a pile at the bottom of the garden, these twigs are pushing out little buds.  The tenacity of nature is a truly amazing thing.

Visually I love the textures and the colours of the weathering on the branches.


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365 day fifteen

Today I have captured one of what I hope is the first of an occasional series of people and their workplaces with a shot of my wonderful local butcher, very appropriately called Mr Bull.  Here’s to making sure independent retailers like this survive in our villages.

Mr Bull the Butcher

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365 day fourteen

This lovely day is really feeling like spring so I captured the ever optimistic colours of tulips which just make your heart sing.

optimistic tulips

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365 day thirteen

I have been doing lots of thinking about this project, it has already made me step out of the comfort zone, which is great.   But I definitely need to push myself a little more – if I am honest I think I have not stretched myself as much as I should.  Over the last week I have spoken to a few people about visiting them at their workplace to capture a couple of ‘environmental’ portraits, these are images showing people in their surroundings and can make for some fascinating pictures.   I am also planning a fashion test shoot with a view to entering a competition.  However, if you have an idea for a photograph that would test me – just drop me an email.   Todays the image reflects something that is quite high on the agenda in our house at the moment with an impending piano exam!




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365 day twelve

Just time for a natter and a quick cuppa!

stopping for a cuppa

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